Most of the time you are asking ...

1. What is FresKet?

Freshket is a workflow-integrated marketplace that helps suppliers (seller) and restaurants (buyer) find one another to buy and sell fresh ingredients easily online. This simply means that suppliers and restaurants can, not only find each other on Feshket, but also complete their buy/sell transaction easily with Freshket’s simple workflow system.

2. Why you should use Freshket?

Our aim is to help our users increase their business transaction efficiency, information transparency, and improve profitability.

Freshket helps suppliers to acquire new restaurants and have more choices for quality products at better prices. Both sides can complete their sales transaction easily online with Freshket’s intuitive workflow system.

Moreover, Freshket arrange all sales and purchases information into a simple dashboard for seller and buyers respectively. So everyone can use the information to make better business decisions.

3. Do i need to download Freshket?

Freshket is a web-based platform. You don’t need to download any app, just run the browser from any device you are using and type www.freshket.co.

4. How do i register to Freshket?

If you are a supplier, please visit this sign-up page for restaurants.Register Supplier
If you are a restaurant, please visit this registration page for suppliers.Register Restaurant

5. What are the key features of the Restaurant and Supplier account?

These are the key features. Matching - Restaurants can find the right suppliers on our marketplace and request for quotation.
Ordering - Restaurants can easily place orders with the suppliers using our workflow system.
Invoicing - Suppliers can immediately convert orders into invoices to send back to restaurants.
Payment - Restaurants can make payments, and suppliers deliver their orders.
Reporting - Restaurants and suppliers can monitor all their activities in their own dashboards in real time.

6. How much does Freshket cost?

Freshket monetizes by charging transaction fee from the suppliers. There are no other hidden fees.

7. When will be Freshket available in my city/country?

Freshket is currently focusing on Bangkok area and plans to penetrate to the main city of Thailand.

It’s highly possible you are not in Freshket service area at this moment. We are expanding really quickly. In case you think we should put your city/country into priority, please drop us a line. Promise, we will do our best.

8. Do have Freshket mobile app?

At the moment Freshket is running as web-platform. It’s our highest priority to release native mobile application for both platforms (iOS and Android).

If you want to be first to be notified Submit your email here and you will be first notified if we’ll get published in app stores.

9. Is Freshket secure and private?

Our platform using SSL certificate to protect. We don’t store any transaction details between restaurants and suppliers. You don’t need to worry about selling your email or data. Your contact information and private data are yours and yours alone. They're safe with us. We'll email you about product and company updates, but you can opt out at any time.

10. Does Freshket provides logistics and / or dropship?

Not yet, all suppliers (sellers) need provide their own delivery.

11. Suppliers should issue the bill on behalf of Freshket or themselves?

Suppliers (sellers) should issue the bill on behalf of themselves.

12. Who does the Restaurant pay?

Restaurants first pays to Freshket and will be notified by our system once payment is completed. Freshket will then transfer the amount to suppliers.

13. If suppliers are not registered as a legal entity can they join Freshket?

Of course you can join. Freshket will contact you to verify regarding your basic information.

14. What are the criteria that Freshket use to qualify suppliers to use our platform?

Freshket considers the following
- supplier product quality
- professional certifications example GAP, Q, Halah
- Supplier must be able to provide their own logistics as at the moment Freshket doesn’t provide any logistics facility
- Supplier must agree with our quality guarantee agreement as per this link
- Freshket may visit suppliers to inspect and ensure that suppliers meet our quality criteria.

15. What fee does restaurant needs to pay to Freshket?

Nothing! Restaurants doesn’t need to pay any fee to Freshket.

16. Who will provide the logistics?

The suppliers will provide the logistics.

17. Who / where does restaurants pays for the purchased products?

Restaurants pay online into Freshket central account, so in case of any disputes we can return the fund back easily.

18. If restaurants are not registered as a legal entity can they join Freshket?

Of course you can join. Freshket will contact you to verify regarding your basic information as well quality

19. If the purchase products quality and delivery are unsatisfactory what can restaurant do?

All suppliers agreed with our quality guarantee agreement, restaurant can refer to this link and take appropriate actions.